Public records from USPTO show Dominion Voting Systems assigned 18 patents to HSBC in September of 2019.

Why Did Dominion Assign 18 Patents to Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp (HSBC) in Sept 2019?

Vote Switch Allegations from 2006

Senators Warren & Wyden question big investors in election technology about vote switching concerns.  [Read More]  

Crowdsourced Evidence Tool

Tool tracking evidence filterable by Significance, State, Type, and Admissibility.  [Read More]

The Hack Scene from Hacking Democracy

"Old" Voting Machine Found

A voting machine was found on the side of the road in GA. Investigation on-going. [Read More]

The hack that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code. An excerpt from Emmy nominated documentary 'Hacking Democracy'. .  [Read More]

If Cycle Threshold (Ct) is low, the result is more reliable. If the Ct is high, the results are less accurate without clinical context.

What is Cycle Threshold (Ct), Why it Matters, & Why Positive Cases Do Not Correlate to Future Deaths

10 Examples of "Police Misconduct"

Police brutality, malicious prosecution, and witness tampering are examples of "police misconduct."  [ Read More]  

Mapping Police Violence

There were only 27 days in 2019 where police did not kill someone. Total killed was 1099.  [ Read More]

What is Qualified Immunity?  

Why Police Unions Suck

You may think government actors “shall be liable to the party injured” for “the deprivation of any rights.”  But nope, not anymore.  [ Read More]

Do peaceful protests work?   Is damaging property a legitimate form of protest?    [ continue reading]

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Live stream from the Alamo yesterday, May 30th. Anyone saying the police were protecting the armed civilians is completely wrong and doesn’t know the full story. No one knows the full story, because there are so many different sides. But, this video does provide some context.  (@7:00)  Both cops and armed civilians were protecting the Alamo and Cenotaph.


Video from Twitter user Safvan Allahverdi ( @s_Allahverdi) of alleged DC protesters capturing a guy who appears to be trying to agitate the crowd.  The alleged agitator is handed over to the police.  Some allege undercover cops assisted in the capture.   [ watch video]

Agitator Captured in Washington, D.C.